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視覺設計顧問公司 VS 視覺設計顧問工作室 Graphic Design Agencies VS independent Design Workshops

視覺設計顧問公司 VS 視覺設計顧問工作室

Choosing the Right Graphic Designer -
Graphic Design Agencies versus independent Design Workshops

Finding an experienced graphic design agency or designer most suitable to your needs can be a frustrating and time-consuming task. One should be aware of a number of crucial differences between graphic design agencies and independent design workshops. Working with a graphic design agency, rather than an independent design workshop, at first may appear to offer many benefits, but actually there can be some problems too. Below is a summary outlining the advantages of each…

Benefits of working with a graphic design agency
- One stop solution which make the process more convenient.
- A long list of prestigious, trustworthy clients as references to assure you the quality of work you will receive.
- Agencies offer a much broader skill set than what any independent workshop can offer.
- Agencies usually have a group of designers collaborating on ideas, offering a broad range of outcomes.
- Agencies are well versed in dealing with large accounts.
- You are not reliant on just one individual for the successful completion of your project.
- Agencies provide better credibility and reliability, yet you have to pay a lot more.
- Agencies are more capable in handling larger projects.

Benefits of working with an independent design workshop
- More flexibility and favors.
- From start to finish, you are talking directly to a highly creative designer and project specifications do not need to be relayed through other staff before action is taken.
- There are no separate account managers, senior or junior designers, or any other staff, each with differing interpretations of the job requirement/outline.
- The individual hired is 100% responsible for the graphic design portfolio, and a personal relationship can easily be developed which is always better for the project’s progress and ultimate completion.
- Communications are directly with the person working on your project - not an answering machine, secretary or person handling numerous accounts simultaneously.
- Competitive professional fees are offered, assisted by low overheads.
- Considerable savings on cost and budgeting.
- Design revisions can be done frequently and swiftly.
- The independent workshop can often provide exactly the same quality of work as design agencies. It can also competently handle larger projects by carefully selecting a group of individuals with the best skills and talents required.

When choosing an independent designer, one should be aware that there are many people who mark themselves as an “independent design workshop or graphic designer,” but who actually lack the necessary skills and experience. These individuals can tarnish the image of the graphic design industry. A corporate client who hires one of these designers can cause serious damage to their reputation. It is therefore vital to choose the right graphic designer who can produce evidence of completed projects as previous projects speak volumes about what you can expect. A good portfolio and customer testimonials are essential.

企業年報, 電子年報,電子企業簡介,電子互動年報.. Annual Report, Annual Report Online, Corporate Literature

New York Design - Services We Provide
Annual Report / Annual Report Online / Corporate Literature

企業年報 /簡介製作服務包括: 傳統印刷企業年報及簡介,電子年報,電子企業簡介,電子互動年報.. .

An effective company literature brochure design is a great tool to showcase your business, product or corporate communications. It conveys all the core information in a clear, concise and attractive way. New York design can either work with your company current design ideas, mock up, photos and text or create your brochure from scratch, including include creative concept, design, copywriting, photography and production.

In additional we help customer reproduce
annual report into e-publication and annual report online. Maximize customer potential by reaching the world wide market.

Over the year we have produced annual report / literature for companies include Lite-On Electronic

Corporation, Lite-On Group, ASE Group, China Pacific Catering Servicea, Stylution Corporation, Taiwan External Trade Development Council, Taiwan Mask Corporation.

如何選擇合適的視覺設計顧問… How to Find the Right One for the Job…..


Choosing the right Grpahic Designer -
How to Find the Right One for the Job…..

The first impression, as you know, constitutes the chance of success in your business. Graphic Design highlights your value and, if done properly, will increase sales and revenue beyond imagination. When you are ready for professional graphic design work, whether the choice is using a graphic design agency or independent graphic designer, it is important to consider the three most critical aspects in Design Portfolio, Experience and Customer Testimonials. Remember, graphic design is an essential part of your business.

Design Portfolio
Look at their portfolio… if the portfolio is extensive, comprehensive and large, you are on the right track. Look over their portfolio and examine their past works. Their highlighted projects and sample works will speak volumes about their design creativity, ability and capability.

Working Experience
Experience is very important in graphic design discipline. The more years and exposure to a wider spectrum of industries will ensure a refined professional in a graphic designer. Like a good friend, an experience designer will offer more useful inputs and practical design solutions than others.

Customer Testimonials
Customer satisfaction reflected through written or documented appreciation for the designer’s services should offer valuable insights into the designer’s work, which also serves to evaluating and assessing whether you are talking to the right person for the job. Request customer list and check into reference details.